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Business Intelligence
QlikView is the in-memory leader and the fastest spreading business intelligence platform in the world.

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QlikView is leading a new class of easy-to-use, fast and flexible business analysis solutions that empower individuals to improve organisational performance and drive innovation. QlikView utilises next generation patented in-memory association technology to make sophisticated analysis and reporting dramatically easier to deploy, use and maintain.

Fast Implementations
QlikView integrates smoothly with your existing infrastructure and can be deployed within weeks.

Easy to Use
Because of its colour coded point and click user interface, QlikView is extremely intuitive and easy to learn for any employee.

Since data is kept in-memory the response time is lightning fast even on extremely large data sets. Integrates all data for analysis QlikView handles the integration of virtually all existing data formats- from standard relational data to text exports, to MS Excel data to XML streams.

Single version of the truth
Users always have access to the latest analysis ensuring a single version of the truth across the organisation.

Low Cost
Less costly, shorter implementations result in fast return on investment.

Allows unlimited dimensions and measures and can be modified in seconds.

Seeing is Believing...
Work with NBA Consultants to evaluate and implement QlikView, starting with a Seeing is Believing (SIB) event in which we'll deliver a short proof of concept project that shows you the power of QlikView. This will take place over just one or two days and enable the development of your first QlikView analysis applications.

QlikView enables such rapid time to value that even a short exercise like a SIB delivers value and insight. We can leave you with the QlikView application we build so you can build the business case for investment with your colleagues.

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